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Brotherhood is unique. We spend four years on a college campus with our fraternity Brothers, and as a result, we have a community for a lifetime. Click “Read More” to reconnect with that Chi Phi Penn State community during this uncertain time of social distancing and quarantine.

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Chi Phi Penn State Stands Strong

In a time of social distancing and quarantines, Chi Phi Penn State Brothers remain true to our values...


It only takes one look at the most recent headlines to realize that we’re all facing uncertain times. Not only are there health threats on our doorsteps, especially for our older Alumni, but we face the threat of economic peril as well, even after the threat of a pandemic is appropriately handled.

However, in the face of all this uncertainty and in spite of Penn State shut downs and cancelled undergrad and Alumni events that we all look forward to each year, one thing remains true. Chi Phi Penn State stands strong and united. We may be separated by miles and quarantines, but we are forever connected in spirit.

We all joined Chi Phi because we all believed in the same values and knew we could create a community around those values. If there ever was a time for us to prove our commitment to those values and that community, it’s now.

How can we do this?

Read more: Chi Phi Penn State Stands Strong

Undergraduate Spotlight - Jon Kim, Junior

Jon is a junior from Wyckoff, NJ and is majoring in psychology. Jon is a former IM chair as he loves participating in competition. He’s one to never back down from a challenge and make the world his own. He enjoys trying new places and meeting new people downtown.

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