Chapter Update: COVID-19 Edition

We know that many of our alumni Brothers have questions about how life at Alpha Delta has changed given these uncertain times we’re living in. COVID-19 has changed the way we conduct our daily life, and the undergraduates are no exception. We reached out to Vishal Shah and Cole Waldhausen and asked them about what life as a Chi Phi at Penn State is like nowadays. Click “Read More” to see what they had to say.  

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The Vital Stats of Chi Phi

A healthy Fraternity is a living thing. It requires maintenance, care, and supervision. You are a member and an owner!  To perpetuate our chapter and keep it strong, we as volunteers keep a close eye on the “beating heart” of our chapter, the Brothers and key statistics. Click “HERE” to see our flash report on Chi Phi’s Vital Stats. 

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Alumni Updates

Thanks to these brothers for responding to our recent alumni email survey! If you’d like to submit an update of your own for publication in an upcoming e-letter or a future edition of our alumni newsletter, email us your updates and photos at Click “Read More” to read your brothers updates! 

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