Active Brothers To Host Alumni Weekend - Fall 2018

During the upcoming fall semester, we will be holding an Alumni weekend. This will occur the weekend of our Homecoming football game which is October 13 and 14. We are still working on an exact schedule for the weekend, but our Alumni Relations Chair will give you further details when we have them. This should be a fun weekend and a great opportunity for the Alumni to reconnect with the Brothers of the Alpha Delta Chapter. Also, on our website we are providing the alumni with a chance to give an update about their life after graduation. If you visit you can submit an update and it will be posted on the website for everyone to see. We think this will provide a great opportunity for alumni to reconnect with each other and see where everyone is these days.

Alpha Delta Floor Fund Gathers Steam - Join The Honor Roll Today!

Alumni weekend, We Are Weekend, a football team on the cusp of a National Title and spring in Happy Valley. It is indeed, a magical time to be an Alum of Penn State. And if you find yourself visiting State College, please stop by 360 E. Hamilton!

We notified all Alumni last month, through our electronic newsletter, and print mailing of Alpha Delta Data, that Chi Phi is Back! In response, 30 Brothers have made their gift toward the replacement of Alpha Delta's 86-year-old hardwood floors (don't you wish yours lasted that long)! Their names are listed HERE. We thank these Brothers for their gifts and support of our cause. We still have a long way to go, as our goal is $50,000. With your help, we know we can achieve the mission. Please click HERE to visit our Annual Fund page and make your gift today either online, or via one of the other two options listed on this page.


Alpha Delta Actives Publish End-Of-Semester Newsletter- Check Out Their Accomplishments!

The young men of Chi Phi have been busy - and they can't wait to share the news! Click HERE for their end of semester newsletter where you'll find a Chapter report, senior spotlight, and our total raised for THON 2018 (hint, it was over $33,000 more than last year's figure)!

Lost List

We're missing contact information of alumni brothers, and need your help to find them. Click below to download a copy of our current lost mailing list or email list. Send our alumni partner, Affinity Connection, your updates.



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