Kargo, Travis

Class of 1995

Jill and I now have three sons ages 4, 2, and6 months. Besides teaching, I am head varsity basketball coach and assistant baseball coach.

Kennington, Tom

Class of 1990

I've been fortunate to be close to the House working in Real Estate Investment and Development in State College since 1999. The fortune is staying involved with Penn State, the fraternity and making friends with the Chi Phi(s) of the new millennium. There have been challenges teaching them the way of the yester-years but they pale in comparison to the benefits, mostly watching the brothers enter college nervous and somewhat clueless to life outside the comfort of their parent's home and then morphing into independent young men committed to the betterment of themselves and Chi Phi. The fraternity continues to provide opportunities for them as it did for us; however I have seen it more challenging for them as they are managing an aging infrastructure. That said I have seen some real dedication from most of these young men and I am looking forward to seeing many alumni gathering with the new actives for Blue White Weekend Reception at the Kingdom, April 21st!

Moster, Dennis

Class of 1993

From Nancy Moster (mother) Dennis had a fall while at a Chi Phi Brother's house in July. He is a quadriplegic and can use some Chi Phi news every once in a while. He's working very hard in rehab and his Chi Phi friends have been just wonderful to him and to us. A bike ride fund raiser was held in September and the proceeds are being used for a van for Dennis.

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