Parker, Wally

Class of 1948

The data you currently have on me is correct except as of May I will have divested myself of Thibaut & Walker after 55 years of going to war each day I will now look for other diversions or challenges. It should be a piece of cake compared to running a chemical plant in New Jersey. You'll need to change your record to show the warrior is on a retired basis. Back to more personal stuff - Have four grandchildren in college, Catholic U, Loyola MD, Brown and Harvard. Loyola Brown and Harvard kids are on the girls swim team. A grandson graduated from Wake 2 years ago and now has his CPA. Two more in high school. My wife Ellie (Mt Holyoke) is now in her 35th year as volunteer in our local hospital. She decided to give back after our son completed his training at Bellevue Hospital in New York. It's been a fun trip so far and Ellie and I are grateful for the years that have been kind to us. Before I close I do want to say that it's very impressive to receive such a high quality mailing. Only one minor comment, it at all possible identify the photos. An old fogey like me just sees the photo and it has no relevance or meaning. The energy flowing out of Chi Phi this past year has been great. I hope that some of the other brothers have made similar remarks. Congratulations and keep it up If my financing an estate planning works out as planned I should be able to make a contribution next year to average out for the past 10 years. Eternally and fraternally, W. George Parker(forget him) now that I'm, retired call me Wally Parker

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