Dear Brothers, 

After a successful 2018 year, the Alpha Delta chapter of Chi Phi has followed up with a great first semester in 2019 in many areas including rush, THON, and philanthropy. We are looking forward to continuing our success in the fall semester. 

This semester, we had a record high class of 21 new members, we are looking forward to seeing this outstanding group of young men lead the Alpha Delta chapter in the upcoming years. With 18 brothers graduating this semester, it was great to gain an additional 21 members to help grow our numbers as a chapter. Our goal for the 2019 year is to bring in 35 new members. We are well on track to achieve this even with deferred recruitment not allowing first semester freshman to rush. 

We also raised over $3,000 towards philanthropy this semester which has already surpassed Penn State’s “Standards of Excellence” requirement for the 2019 year. Some of our most successful events were a “Casino Night” and a hockey tournament in the backyard. In the fall, we are planning a concert with local performers and are expecting this to be our most successful event. 

This year, we raised over $22,000 towards THON with our partner, Omega Phi Alpha. This is an area we have continued to improve in even with regulations banning canning and canvassing trips outside of State College. With these regulations, we are continuing to do alternative fundraising events like car smashes and coin drives in order to increase our fundraising total. 

The Interfraternity Council also voted to decrease the new member education process from 6 to 4 weeks as this is a trend that is happening at other universities and other Chi Phi chapters around the country. We are currently changing our current new member education plan to accommodate this change and are confident in our ability to transform new members into Chi Phi gentleman.  

This upcoming semester, we are coming up with new ways to bond as a brotherhood. We have done events like going to lacrosse games and brotherhood football games. We are working on putting together trips to play paintball and use the ROTC ropes course as other ways to keep the brotherhood close. 

We believe that we are continuing to head in the right direction in all these areas and that we will continue our success this upcoming semester. 

Will Lusk 

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