$1,022,900.00 in total pledges received as of 3-31-10



$1,022,900.00 in total pledges received as of 3-31-10


I'd like to share with everyone who participated in this great achievement what occurred after Monday evening's last update:

Dave Lohr '79 received the announcement that we were $5,607.76 short of $1 MM.  He then sent a scanned pledge for the entire amount to get us right to the $1,000,000 mark.

As if that wasn't good enough, the four Brill brothers, Rick Brill, John Brill, Dan Brill and Chris Brill all submitted their scanned pledges simultaneously to get us well over the mark.

Twelve more guys chimed right in and immediately followed to eventually get us to the $1,022,900.00 mark, crushing what seemed like an amount too tough to tackle a few weeks ago.  This has been nothing short of amazing and inspiring!!! If this doesn't inspire guys watching and considering joining us, nothing will!

Here are the names of all of the guys that made pledge commitments at the very end of March hours:

David Lohr '79 ***Order of the Alumni Society***
Ted Butera '85 ***Order of the Alumni Society***
Shivan Amin '01 ***  Order of the Alumni Society***
Shawn Hutchison '03 ***Order of the Brotherhood***
Mike Unks '83 ***Order of the Brotherhood***
Robert Miller '58 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
Rick Brill '88 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
John Brill '87 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
Dan Brill '90 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
Chris Brill '94 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
Jeff Fackler '87 ***Chi Phi Supporter***
Loren Stolp '69
Darren Pincus '98
Dan O'Brien '99

We have also received several pledges
so far in April. Watch for all contributors' names to be recognized in
the next monthly e-Letter and in the upcoming Alpha Delta Data.

Thank you, guys!!!  Your commitment in the eleventh hour put us well over the top.  Each and every one of you deserves a round of applause.

We can't forget to thank everyone who played a huge role in getting guys to join in and who have been with us over the last 4-5 years. You know who you are. You guys are truly the unsung heroes.  Thanks to every Campaign Leadership member, Era Captain and Class Agent whose tireless efforts on calling others pushed us over the mark.

We have proven it is possible revive an organization if there is a strong foundation of friendship and a strong sense of belonging.  It's evident through everyone's efforts and concern that something about that house bonds us all no matter what era we are from. We have also proven that a "power-by-numbers" approach works.  Getting large donations from a select few is critical.  But it's participation from a large percentage of ALL alumni members that allowed us to be successful.  Consider this:

There are 204 alumni in the 10-year period from 1985-94.  102 brothers from this period made pledge commitments totaling $359,100.00.  That's exactly 50% of the alumni from this period that committed to the campaign. A buy-in that our consultants have said is unheard of.  Well, they never heard about Chi Phi, Alpha Delta.  Don't forget, we would not even be close to this milestone mark if it weren't for the other 132 alumni outside of this 10-year period that made up the other $663,800.  You guys gave us the foundation to build on and make this all possible.  The combined team effort from everyone has been simply outstanding.

We should enjoy this moment and celebrate for a brief moment, but we have to build on the momentum we have developed.  We are counting on the other 50% of the guys that haven't made a pledge from the 1985-94 era to step up and help the other eras leading us in the next phase of the campaign.  These eras helped us get to the $1MM mark--now it's your turn to return the favor.

We would be remiss if we didn't thank the four brothers, Dave Brockway, John Meyer, Bill Marsh and Andy Schultz, Sr. that have made the leadership pledges of $100,000 and are presently making payments on their pledges to float the house as it stays vacant and we continue to forge ahead with the campaign.   Thank you guys. Without your undying support, none of this is possible.

It has been one amazing ride but our journey has just begun.   We now move on to our second phase of the campaign and our next goal--$1.4 MM.  The guys from 1980-84, 1995-2000 and 2001-2005 are ready to take charge.  They have agreed to take the leadership role in getting us to this mark of $1.4MM.  We have put a deadline of July 31 to get to this mark.  We get there with the same momentum and support that got us to the first mark.      

Leaders from these three eras will be reaching to the other brothers from these five year periods soon.  If you haven't joined us--it's your time. Once again, we are counting on brothers from other eras to assist in reaching this second goal.

We have something special here and we need to maintain the momentum if we want to have a chance of exceeding our overall goal.  Time is ticking.


- Bob Martin


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