Thank you to Mike Pasterick

Thank you to Mike Pasterick '05 for responding to our call for stories of brothers who stood for each other in weddings, as well as reunions that take place decades after graduation. 

He writes: "I recently got married in November of 2011. Not only was my best man my pledge brother,Jamie Elsen ’05, but I had many more brothers from my time at Alpha Delta in my wedding party including Matt Egan '06Dan Endres '05Tony Brooks '06, and Eric Balboni '06. It truly was a great experience to be supported by my brothers who have been an important part of my life since our time living at The Kingdom. We’ve all been through a lot together over the years, and my wife and I were honored to have them with us as we entered this new chapter of our lives. Many other Alpha Delta brothers were in attendance at the reception, and we of course made sure to get together for a Ballroom Blitz!"

Did you have Chi Phi brothers serve as groomsmen in your wedding, or did you stand up for another brother? Share your story on the message board.


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