Dale Heckman ’64 | dfhhung58@verizon.net

I have lunch with Brian Reichard ’64 every few months in York. I am still very much involved with buying and selling coins, and spending as much time as possible with my grandson. John Moore and I catch up a few times a year via the phone, and of course I am a Penn State nutbag and try to watch any sport on TV involving them. 

Joe Daily ’65 | jdaily2@comcast.net

I recently communicated with another Alpha Delta alum, Jeff McCurdy. We graduated in 1965/66. He & his wife Jane along with Judy & I are both celebrating our 50th wedding anniversaries (does that add up to a century?)

Bob Jaegers ’74 | ltcjaegers@aol.com

Made a pilgrimage back to the Kingdom before the Army game, and met Bob Berg at the Dining Room doors. Got a quick tour with my wife, Denise, before heading up to the Yellow Parking Area, aka the pig farm. The game wasn’t much too exciting, but a lot of fun. Made it back to Sunbury in time for my 45th Shikellamy High School Reunion. Taking a couple of weeks off from my prosecutor job in Palm Beach County to sail on a Viking Sea Cruise to some places along the Adriatic and Aegean I visited when on active duty in 1982, reserve duty in 1986, and again in 2000 when I was recalled to active duty. 

Wally Kuhns ’88 | wkuhns1@aol.com

My family and I still live in San Diego and all is good. My most recent employer (Carefusion) was acquired March ’15, enabling me to launch an independent consulting practice, WKleadersolutions.com. My emphasis is executive team development and talent planning. My client pipeline is robust and work is already coming in. I visited PSU and Chi Phi during Arts Festival and received a very warm greeting by the actives. THANK YOU guys! My family loved the house tour, and at least one of my twins is interested in PSU. I expect to be in PA sometime between November and January and look forward to a bar tour with the usual suspects.


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