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Class of 1993

I am currently the Executive Vice President of a Third Party Administration firm for qualified retirement plans. We are a family-run independent firm that specializes in the design, implementation, takeover, design, legal compliance and administration of all types of qualified retirement plans (for example 401(k), profit sharing, defined benefit pension, 403(b), etc.). We do not sell investments or any other products, so our partnerships with brokers, financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, etc. are extremely important to us.

On a personal note, I am still not maried although have been dating my #1 prospect for about a year now. Who knows? Still do not have any children (that I know of! ha...ugh, biting my own tongue) and very involved with skiing, mountain biking and road cycling.

I am living outside of Philadelphia, PA in my own home in the suburbs so any and all Brothers are welcome!

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